Traffic Lights - the Girl's Responsibility

You think this post is about you, don't you. Well it's not.

Here in the raging sea of hormones, aka Happy Valley, life is rife with boy-girl interaction. I have mentioned this before. And yet, another hitch in the relationship world has reared its ugly head, so I feel compelled to share a new principle, in hopes we can remedy the problem.

This is a little development on the "Getting Friended" principle, applicable to girls who are already semi-committed to a relationship. The theory: the Traffic Light Principle.


Now let's break this down - there's lots of traffic lights out there, but they all have something in common: just three colors for their lights. Red, yellow, and green. Then, if you look closely in the picture, you'll spy just one little dude trying to navigate this sea of traffic lights.

You, girls, are the traffic lights. You have but one job: show us a red or green light. And if you're gonna choose the yellow one, that's okay - but follow the example of real traffic lights, and don't get stuck on the yellow for long. That is frustrating to boys.

So anyways, what I'm saying is this: if you like a boy, give him a green light. He will slowly and cautiously proceed forward - attempting to woo you, give you flowers, chocolates, a barbie, etc. - until you change signals. If it's a red light, we understand. We'll bail. We can find love elsewhere.

If it's a yellow light, we'll hang out for a while, but just realize that during the entirety of the "flashing yellow light" stage, we feel like our head is on the chopping block. Girls, have mercy. Give a signal. And whatever you do... don't do this:

Boys can only think of one thing at once. If you tell us to simultaneously go ahead and stop, turn left and turn right, walk and halt, all at the same time, our little heads are likely to implode.

So there you have it - the traffic light principle.
Learn it, live it, love it.


Life As It Should Be.

So I had a birthday, and it was one of the greatest I've ever had. To kick it off, look what I found outside my apartment on my way to school at 7:30 AM:

Thanks to Emma, pretty much my entire ward decorated the sidewalk outside my apartment. My camera wasn't wide enough to get it all at once! I had a good day of classes, the weather was phenomenal, then I spent the day outside on the lawn doing fun things like

...stuffing a pinata with my friends for later destruction (thanks to Dave, who decapitated Dora with a shovel later that night)...

...and jamming on the guitar.

We had a fun little shindig up in Midway at my parents' second home, which was amazing. Thanks to everybody who came. The best gift to me this year was to be able to be with my friends and just have a good time. For a while, we took a vacation from our problems, ate some cake, and lived the dream. Good friends and good times - that's what life is all about.

A little post-birthday fun - we had a barbeque in Kiwanis Park with our Stake and played some frisbee. Way awesome. I just wish the weather would have held up - two days later, it's 2 degress Celsius outside.


Turning 22.

Tomorrow is my birthday. Yes, I am very excited. The end.


Fighting Cancer. And Weakness.

9:13 AM. The air is charged with anticipation. To release my anxiety, I jump up and down a few times, and Brooke cranks some tunes on her iPod. Glancing up at the Wasatch Range, sunlight dazzles off the snow. You can smell the fresh black asphalt. A few dozen people stand in front of us, but behind us, a sea of runners fill the three lane street for an entire block. We're running the 5K, and I feel like we're part of something important, like we're making a difference.

i didn't take this picture. but this is what it was like.

At 9:15 AM, an actual cannon was fired - scaring the bajeezus out of me - and we took off in a thundering herd. After quelling my initial paranoia of getting trampled, we actually enjoyed a pretty good run.

my running number. i signed up late so it's kinda large.

It was so inspiring to see thousands of people crossing the finish line, knowing that for each person in the race, 15-30 dollars has been donated towards fighting cancer. I'm glad to have been part of something bigger than myself. And I'm really glad I kept up with Brooke.


Organic Chemistry.

I bet nobody even reads this post. I know I wouldn't.

Why? Because O-Chem is so boring. I wish we never had to learn it. I know I'm never going to use it in my job, and yet I spend my collegiate life sacrificing fun FHE activities, trips to the mall and quality time with my roommates, homies, and girls to practice it. I don't even like it!

Just look at this picture and see if it depresses you:

Yep. I do that. I put molecules like this together for class assignments. Practical applications? None. I mean, yeah yeah yeah, I can synthesize aspirin from minty wintogreen molecules. Who cares? I don't want to research it, I just want to fix people's teeth, okay?

I really do think that chemistry is a beautiful thing, and I wish I understood it and loved it as much as my professor (the legendary Dr. Nielson) does. I'd just rather kick a around soccerball or climb up a cliff than practice intramolecular nucleophilic acyl substitution of six-membered rings.

Can't wait until it's over. The end.


Midway - Utopia of the Rockies.

Indoor swimming pools, hot tubs, and the best restaurants in the state. Starry skies. Lots and lots of candy. Good company, comfy couches, maybe a smidge of acoustic guitar.

There just isn't anything like spending a little time in Midway on the weekends.

My parents bought the place a couple of years ago, and ever since, I've benefited from some of the most stupendous weekends I've ever had. This week included.

Collectively this weekend, we all consumed about 6 pounds of gummi bears, numerous burgers, a coupla pizzas, more strawberries than you can shake a stick at, half a vat of melted chocolate, and a medium sized mountain of m&ms (even a few of the gross brown ones).

Am I fatter? I wish. But there's no harm in trying.

The point is, I got to spend time with the people I'm crazy about, and I'm already looking forward to next weekend.


Breaking Habits - New Years Resolution #2

Hey. I just wanted to mention to you:

Sometimes old habits die hard, but I am really stickin it to the man (I love that phrase - see my 25 Random Facts Post) this year and ditching some old habits.

Two this year I have successfully kicked:

1) Facebook.
I deleted my account.
2) Carbonation.
I haven't had any since January 2nd, and truth be told, I don't even miss it at all. And I feel like I wake up better, get fewer headaches, and have better stamina when I'm doing any physical activity.

And the best part about it is, I don't think I'll ever go back. This isn't temporary, this is a new me. I like the feeling of eliminating little things in my life that suck time away from things I'd rather be doing.

So anyways, I was just being accountable to you - I'm taking my New Years Resolutions seriously this year.


And She Swears That She's Artsy...

I know I know, I should post more often.

If you love what I love, you'll love this.


Come Together... Over Me.

A very rare occurrence in Lafayette 11: we were all home at the same time without even planning on it! Cheers to our first roommate picture:

...of course to be followed up by a display of physical prowess:

Here's to my homies - friends for 15 years.


Sunday Walk

I went on a Sunday walk today and it felt better than ever. The lighting was superb and I fired off a few shots, so here's a few of them and I'll post some more later.

i have a secret to tell you:
My friends are beautiful and so is the sunshine.

Liz and Bods! Aren't they super precious? I really cashed in at the friendship bank when I made friends with these girls.

Andy in his element: surrounded by beautiful women.

Blue-eyed beauties.

Liz, Bods and Ali. They look like moviestars.

We had a good time. There's nothing quite like a good walk on a warm Sunday afternoon.

Bring on Spring!