True Love, and other things.

Wow it sure has been a while since I last posted!

I had big plans to post exciting things about Haiti, but then bigger plans came along!  Ladies and gentlemen, meet Xan Baker:

When I came home from Haiti, Xan was waiting for me at the airport.  We spent every free moment of our remaining summer together, and found ourselves falling in love.  Xan and I are engaged to be married on Thanksgiving weekend!  By the way, Xan gets credit for all these photos.

Xan's family is wonderfully brilliant, artsy, and quirky.  I fit right in.

We carved our names into a tree on our second date,

then played hard all summer, falling in love somewhere along the way,

...and later took our engagements in that same grove of aspens.  Xan calls them "quakies," which I love.

This one is my favorite.

* * * * *

Then a month ago, we stuck a polaroid in the dash,

and drove ourselves out to medical school in Rochester, NY.

This is where I live now, with all of Xan's stuff.  Our toasty town home.

While I work on medical school here, Xan is living spartan back in Salt Lake, planning our wedding and working her butt off, moving real estate.  She'll join me here after our wedding in Salt Lake City!

I always feel excited as summer gives way to fall, and this year that feeling is amplified tenfold - 10 weeks and 6 days and counting.