Dateability Series 2: Date a Girl With A Passion

Whenever I kiss a girl for the first time, my family inevitably finds out within hours (sometimes minutes, if my brother's ESP is especially strong).  According to tradition, when Sunday rolls around, the family gathers around the dinner table, subjects me to a series of probing questions as to the nature of the relationship and the kiss, and then demands ice cream.  A couple weeks ago, I served my family a (past due) rocky-road-plus-blackberries... oh and did I tell you?  The ice cream must describe the nature of the kiss and the type of girl.  So here is my advice of the day:

Never kiss a vanilla.

Vanilla is safe.  It's sweet, delicious, classic, and you can't blame anybody for loving it.  But it's also pretty boring.  Who walks into Baskin Robbins (31 flavors!) and orders vanilla? Just because they carry it, doesn't mean you should eat it.  They have daiquiri ice, moose tracks, rocky road, white chocolate raspberry truffle, cake batter, bubblegum, pralines and cream, or for the less adventurous, strawberry, blueberry, blackberry, raspberry, etc. etc. etc.  Everybody tries vanilla, sure, because you have to start somewhere, but nobody sticks with it forever - because you start to crave a little more flavor.

So it is with relationships.  More fun with flavor.

Enough cannot be said about the attractiveness of a girl pursuing her passions, who excels at something.  People who are learning, growing, changing all the time are those who bring an added excitement, vigor, and brightness to life.  Sing, hike, ski, snowshoe, act, travel, dance, play an instrument, or a sport.  Do all of them, or none - but be honest with yourself about whatever your talents are, and bring those to the table in your relationships.

These kind of things not only make you happy, but more interesting too.

Last year, one of my roommates dated a hot-little-southern-cajun-half-asian-spitfire who dreamed of working public relations for the New Orleans Saints.  Holy smokes was that girl a lot of fun.  Even in Provo, where it is so easy to blend in with the masses of other extremely talented, brilliant, righteous, active, fun-loving college co-eds, this girl stuck out like a magnolia in a mud patch.
One minute she'd be hollerin' about a recent Saint's loss, or how much she hates Scrubs, and the next she'd gush "well ain't you as cute as a speckled pup in a red wagon!"  And her love of football... well really it transcends all description.  Life with lil' Breesiana around was certainly never dull, and I think we could learn a real good lesson from her - Life, and relationships is more fun when you

Find what you love, then simply do it.