Double Edged Sword

Hulu I don't know whether to bless you or curse you.

I get to watch Glee instead of paying attention to my boring boring professor!

but then again...

I'm watching Glee instead of paying attention.


Giving Thanks

"Blessed is he that gives without remembering, and receives without forgetting."

Rabbi Eleazar, 1250 AD

Thanksgiving season leaves me brimming with gratitude.  I am so happy, because my heart is so full of gratefulness that there's no space for sadness.  I feel great all the time.  This year my thanklist is as follows:

Family.  Boardgames.  Silly dances.  Nana Bett.  Little lights.  Little kids.  A warm home.  A free country.  Acceptance.  God.  Cold feet by the fire.  Pie.  Good friends.  and especially, a NEW BABY!

My sister is having a BOUNCING BABY BOY!!

(to be updated when she breaks the news on her own blog.)

I cherish these days when it is so easy to smile, and a laugh is around every corner.


Don't Give Up!

Sometimes even after days, months, or years of patient perseverance, I wonder if I've been wasting my time working so hard.  Thank goodness for Jeffrey R. Holland and timely yet timeless wisdom.  Thank goodness for God and His Gospel and how He lends his strength to all his children.


Alumni Soon

I just applied for graduation in April 2011!



Autumn Happenings

Orange Aura
(photo via)

- hopped Halloween parties
- got barfed on
- got bitten by teenage stranger in the chest region
- dressed up as batman and as Angus Young
- stole a lovesac and DIDN'T return it (yet)
- runned up Provo Canyon
- watched BYU pummel BYU-H in basketball
- watched BYU pummel UNLV in football
- then my head got pummelled by a telephone pole
- had giant shaving cream fight in a hospital.  called it "cleaning."

Don't you just love autumn?  What have you done this fall?


Don't Ask Me!

What would Abraham Lincoln do if he were alive today?
Probably try to claw his way out of his coffin.
Credit:  Brock Holman