Uh Oh...

My life is out of control.

This happens every semester (but on the bright side, it usually happens a whole lot earlier).

Also, SOMEBODY keeps calling me a Pollyanna.  What does that mean!?


The Dirty Dash!! (and other things)

I've been waiting until I had a picture!  We were so filthy:

Lucky, D-Luxe, A-Ham, Crave, and G-Money
The Dirty Dash was held at Soldier Hollow, the cross-country ski track of Olympic fame.  We braved obstacles such as bales of hay, 9-ft walls, tunnels, muddy sludge up to our thighs, and a slip-n-slide over 100' long.  Though we were the last to cross the starting line (Lucky was late - it couldn't be helped), we were far from last to finish.  Our team, The Pervy Piglets, completed the 10-K "race" in a little over an hour, blinded by muddy spray, and legs burning with fatigue.  We blindly stumbled across the finish line, and I peeled my gritty eyes open for this photo.

Also, General Conference was amazing.  Nothing compares to the renewed hope and peace I feel after such a wonderful meeting with the leaders of the Church of Jesus Christ.

Lastly - I'm sure all my avid followers have been dying to know my MCAT score report.  I can't actually tell you my score, because I am working for Altius, who requires that we not divulge our scores.  So I'll get as specific as I can contractually tell you:  I scored above the 90th percentile!  I've got the score I need for med school, but call me crazy, I might actually take it again next year.  (I can promise you, Altius is the way to go.  My money was well spent on this course, and between group sessions and private tutoring sessions, I'm sure it's also the best value out there.)

So that's it for now.  Have a great week everybody!