I just realized today that i have NINE DAYS of school left in my ENTIRE undergraduate career.  This is the happiest moment of my young adult life!


Hare Krishna Hare Hare!!

I attended the Festival of Colors with some of my friends this weekend.  It was CrAzY!  Photos:

I got plastered with color, like most other people.  My first bit of color:  the green around my eyes.  Somebody threw it right in my face with my EYES OPEN.  It's also the last color to come off - despite my best efforts, I still have a little bit around my eyes and it looks like I'm wearing makeup.

Usually 4-5 people were crowd surfing at any one time.  To the left of that center pavilion, they burned a "witch" doused in diesel gasoline.

Arguably the most fun and most dangerous portion of the event:  a coordinated color throwing.  After everybody screams the countdown from 10, the world explodes into a whirl of yellows, greens, and pinks, which mix together and fill your lungs until you feel like you're going to pass out from all the scented chalk.

For any who haven't been to the Hare Krishna Holi Festival, do yourself a favor, and go next year!  It was fun to mingle with the locals in mutual support and celebration of the Hindu religion.  What a fun time!  I'll see you there next year!


My Birthday Weekend

My birthday weekend was marvelous.  My family and my friends spoiled me beyond anything I've ever experienced, with party after party after party, 3 cakes, dancing, singing, blasting clay pigeons to smithereens, etc... not to mention presents galore!  Thanks everybody for making me feel like a million bucks!

 This is my new camera, which I purchased as a birthday gift to myself!  Thus, pictures on my blog are now going to be less of a rarity.  It's a Canon G12 and I bought it here.  LOVE IT!
 A celebratory March Madness Mustache - prudently I shaved it before I incurred any permanent social damage.

One of my favorite pictures from my new camera.  Great imaging. 

On Saturday, I ran up to Salt Lake and dropped my car off to get my tires rotated, then jumped in my friend Steve's fun new Outback to go shooting! 

Our shooting crew.  One notable addition: Marc's awesome new dog, a black labrador/boxer mix, fittingly named Apollo. 

Saturday night, Adam and Steph threw me a party, and I was flattered that a lot of my friends came from out of town to celebrate with me.  Thanks for coming, Ashten! 

 We played Rockband, always a favorite.

 My roommate, Scott and two of my best friends from Provo, Jenna and Gabe.  I'm so happy I met them this year!
 No party would be complete without a 4-way Just Dance Extravaganza!  Apparently Marci is the only person with enough body control to end up without a blurry face.

 Gordy and Hailey, adorable and status quo.

 Towards the end of the night, Dave (always a co-partier with me, as his birthday is 2 days prior to mine) came over with his wife and we danced to "Hey Hey I Don't Like Your Girlfriend!"  Oh man, super fun.
Things cooled off around 1am and Steve and I played a little guitar.

The following day, I had a great party with my family, with delicious steak dinner and lots of time with my cRaZy nephews!  I was having too much fun to take pictures, but thanks fam for helping me feel so appreciated!

And as always, my birthday means that SPRING has SPRUNG!  Happy spring everybody!


The Big 24

My birthday happened on Sunday!  Thanks to all who celebrated with me.  A full post to follow later, but for now here's a little sneak peek:

I don't get a spring break but hey, I'll take a birthday instead!  :)


First, a purchase. Second, Davies and a clumsy comment.

1) I BOUGHT A CAMERA!  I'm pretty excited.  It's a really large purchase for me (and being raised by my father I tend to feel guilty spending any more than $20 at a time), but it's also a lifetime investment.  Check out how cool it is here.  I recommend clicking on the "View in 3D portion."  Very, very awesome.  Happy birthday to me - it arrives on March 17th, 3 days before the big day.  Can't wait.

2)  For the first time, I have commented in the "comments section" on an online newspaper or forum.  I feel like becoming a little more vocal these days.  Naturally, it being the first time, I botched it.  I tried to keep my comment even-tempered and well-thought out, and meant to delete some of my more pointed and antagonistic questions... instead they hid from me below the viewing window and got posted with the rest of my (hopefully classier) comment.  I meant it to end with "Go Cougs!" but instead it ended with:

"Take it from a local:
Why has this comments section been choked with anti-LDS diatribe? Why, whenever my school makes coast-to-coast news (ironically, for strictly enforcing a moral code), is BYU and the LDS Church denounced for immorality and racism?"

Whoops.  Didn't mean to release that little rant to the whole world (wide web).Though I wish we had solutions to the problems that these questions allude to, I feel like I already know the answer to the questions I asked.  No use inflaming the already haughty and prideful egos of the anti-religious, whether they be anti-LDS, anti-Christian, or otherwise.  What's up with all the "anti" anyways?  Can't we just focus on building great things instead of tearing everybody else down?

Anyways, for a link to the article I commented on, go here.


Wrong Side of the Bed

I woke up this morning and read this text on my phone:

From: Gabe
your car is in visitor
CB: 925-555-5581
Mar 6, 11:42 pm

Then I punched my bed really, really hard.

My car got towed. AGAIN.


I Love My School

I think it's pretty awesome that Broussard and Bayless stood up for BYU's honor code, especially when in contrast, some of my LDS friends have criticized BYU for Brandon Davies' suspension from the team.  All in all, I'm impressed with the nature of the responses to this incident.  Like this article from the Washington Post.  Brandon, I hope you get your life sorted out and that all the bad press dies down quickly.  Mad props to you for turning yourself in, I know it must have been incredibly tough.