I Love My School

I think it's pretty awesome that Broussard and Bayless stood up for BYU's honor code, especially when in contrast, some of my LDS friends have criticized BYU for Brandon Davies' suspension from the team.  All in all, I'm impressed with the nature of the responses to this incident.  Like this article from the Washington Post.  Brandon, I hope you get your life sorted out and that all the bad press dies down quickly.  Mad props to you for turning yourself in, I know it must have been incredibly tough.


Brittany said...

Spencer Craven, I feel the same way. I feel even prouder to be a BYU student/grad than I have before! I think a lot of reports have been positive about BYU. I feel so bad for Davies because of the crazy coverage, but I'm impressed by his honesty.

Amy said...

Amen brother