Boys Like Things Besides Action Movies

Here's a good Sunday movie:

I'm really glad this film doesn't fit the Hollywood mold - I love to watch these actors whose lives haven't been spoiled by too much attention from the media.  Plus, a nice coming-of-age movie makes you feel good, doesn't it?


Mind Reading

I used to think that if you could read a girl's mind, then relationships would be a thousand times easier.  For example, you'd really know if she likes you or not, or whether it would be a good idea to kiss her goodnight after your third date, etc.  When you girls are upset, we boys know it.  We can feel it... but how neat would it be to actually know why!

Clark Gable demonstrates "the smolder"

And then I got thinking... when you're re-entering the dating scene, how many times do you compare your date to others you've dated?  You wouldn't want your date to know that.  Or girls, do you ever give out your number to a guy that you actually find kind of creepy - only to be charmed when he takes you out for dinner?  Wouldn't you be grateful, at the end of that night of joyful delirium, that he couldn't read your mind as he was getting your number?

I think it's a good thing that we can't always tell what other people think about us.  If we always knew, then we'd start to care too much about others' opinions.  The result would be a crippling sort of self-consciousness, and an inability to just be ourselves.

Nothing like an accidental smooch to get the ball rolling.
So, with all the halting uncertainty that comes from dating, I think it's good we can keep our thoughts to ourselves... and thank goodness we boys can't read girls' minds... because I am learning that sometimes, that can be a frightening place.

The real solution, is to get very good at communication - that way you can explain everything that needs explaining without oversharing.  Easier said than done, however.  From what I can tell from my own experience and that of my friends, it takes a lot of practice.

What do you think:  Am I right? Or am I crazy?


When you have an automatic shredder under your desk, it's easy to lose control.  One minute I'm responsibly shredding gas bills and sensitive documents... and the next minute I'm shredding my cough drop wrappers.


Sleep Please!

Dear Boy with a Harley Davidson,

     Buy a muffler.  Or try driving your motorcycle sometime other than 2 am.

Dear Garbage Man,

     When you empty the dumpster behind Papa John's at exactly 5:58am every single morning, it sounds like your are dropping it off a building.  If you could set it down like the normal garbage guys do, I'd appreciate it.


Dear roommate,

     Please let me run the AC so that I can close my window


... but it sure doesn't feel like it!

     Once again, I have been reminded that I am not invincible - I have been running daily in order train up my knee, which bothers me when I run long distances.  With the weather so bleary this week, I refused to give in and ran in the rain anyways, on some days for an hour or so - and now I have a sore throat and a headache!  In May!!

     In other news, my medical school application is due in just over a week, I start my 3/4 time job on Monday, and I officially dread going down to Provo.  I used to love it, my friends, but that city is swiftly becoming dead to me.  I love Salt Lake so much more!  Last weekend I ran around with my friends up at the Capitol Building and took pictures, experimenting with the "low light" mode on my camera.  We had some cool shots:

Front of the Capitol
 I love that they light the flagpole and fly the flag even at midnight.  God Bless America!

Back of Capitol Dome Detail
 I always struggle with compositions, but with architecture it seems a little easier.  Love that moon in the background!

Salt Lake City Capitol and grounds
If you're in Salt Lake City, I would really recommend coming here to check it out - the property surrounding the capitol is absolutely beautiful.  We're in a little park area behind the capitol here, and in the front is a large beautiful lawn with rolling hills and some trees.  Good place for a picnic this summer.  Any takers?


National Geographic Moment

That guy left of center has got it figured out.  Laying down while asleep is where it's at!

I was walking home from work one day when I spotted these little bachelors taking a nap together.  Who knew that ducks sleep standing on just one leg?  I decided to take a minute and compose a few shots of this unusual behavior.  You'll notice my camera's auto-focus is looking at the far bank: yet another reason to use manual mode.  One day I'll get brave and experiment with it a little more.

You'll also notice a mother duck in the background (actually in focus), laying upon her little ducklings!  She's been swimming around in the water with them lots, very proud of her wee little waterfowl.

Thank you, south campus pond, for your natural marvels!



Well I can't believe it.  I am now a BYU Alumnus!

But the adventures don't stop there.  Now that I have graduated, I'm continuing a little bit of work for Altius Test Prep, while I prepare to tutor the summer program full-time.  In the meantime, I have a little extra time on my hands to take care of the essentials (like washing my car for the first time in 6 months!).  This is what I've been up to!

I graduated!

Went crazy at Missy Marlowe's that very weekend.

Played with my nephews.  Charlie is so adorable.
Went climbing with my friends in Rock Canyon!  I love climbing so much!

 Celebrated my Dad's birthday with family.  Here's Emily's one-month old baby, little Benjamin.

I'm excited to take it easy for a couple of weeks, but even more excited to really get crackin on the Altius Program with my new summer students!  I love my job, and I love SUMMER!