Dateability Series 1: Date a Girl With A Voice

One of my biggest fears is that I'll marry a girl, and sometime before we grow old, grey, and too deaf to hear each other anyways... the conversation will run out.

So to kick off the dateability series, I say date a girl with a voice.  I love a girl with a voice, and my friends agree!  Mostly, I mean that we boys love a girl with opinions, who thinks about the things she sees, and expresses her thoughts both freely and candidly.

Let's start with the dark side of this post.  Too often, I find myself in conversation with a girl and suddenly I can tell she's thinking "I hope this conversation is going well!"  And then BAM.  There we are, smiling stupidly at each other, and while I'm thinking of ways to keep that conversation going she's still really focused on hoping the conversation is going well instead of actually contributing to the conversation and so the conversation actually goes like this:

(Disclaimer:  All conversations and persons in this blog are fictitious.  Any representation of any specific people or persons, real or otherwise, is not intentional.)

Me: So how is school?
Her: (smiling) Good!
Me:  (thinking: oh boy. it's gonna be one of these conversations again.  Turn on blinker.  Drive cautiously through intersection.  Resume conversation.) Awesome! Are you loving your classes?  Any you're excited about this semester?
Her: School's good.  But, you know, it's school.
Me:  Indeed.  To be honest, I kind of miss school. (I can feel this conversation getting dangerously close to a dead end, but thankfully so is my car, as it pulls up to her house.)  Are you working as well?
Her:  Nope.
Me: ... (grasping at straws) So... home sweet home!
Her:  Yep!

...Well you get the idea.  Not one of those dates where you sit in the driveway and talk for an hour afterwards.

Date a girl with a voice.  Date a girl with opinions.  Because to do so is to sign up for at least one evening of stimulating conversation.  Maybe a lifetime if you're super lucky.  Even if you don't make it to date number two, you go home that night thinking about stuff.  You may even find yourself making up funny new words, like "skankapades" (a term for escapades of a dubious nature), and "snarkasm" (snarky sarcasm).  The laughs are even better than the kissing.  It's true.  Girls, if you're reading this, here is my (probably unwarranted) advice - don't be afraid to speak up!

Even if your vocalizations reveal that you are not the particular type or flavor of person that the boy is looking for, anything is better than a drab vanilla who mindlessly agrees with everything the boy says.  You are not meant to be walked on!  Disagree sometimes!  You may be surprised at how effectively this throws a boy off his balance.  Puts you back in control.  Makes him like you a little more.  Show off your brain - and the only way you can do it is by opening your mouth.


Breaking the Silence

Happy New Year!

Okay, I've been quite reticent as of late.  Honestly I don't know exactly why except that I've been having SO MUCH FUN playing with family and friends.  Though it is nearly halfway through January I haven't made ANY New Year's Resolutions, however, I will be soon.  One of which is to become more self-aware.

Which explains my next slew of blog posts - I'm going to write about things that boys look for in girls.  And I'm gonna be honest about it.  Buckle up, because I feel like those of you who read my blog with any regularity fall into the category of people who would be entertained by such a subject.  Of course, any thoughts or advice along the way is greatly appreciated.