Why My Applications Take Forever

... because this is how I do them:

Netflix, I simultaneously love and hate you.

Also, I am LOVING my new Macbook Pro, and the program Skitch which lets me take these sweet screenshots!  I've already said goodbye to my PC and I'll probably never look back...


A Large Purchase

I am typing this blog from my brand-new MacBook Pro!  Sa-weeeeeeeeet!  Couldn't be more excited.  Does somebody wanna teach me how to use this thing??


Sommer, wunderbar Sommer!

You know, my mom used to live in Germany when her father, my gramps, was a mission president there.  They lived in a palace.  Literally a palace.  It is sooo cool.  I've always felt a little bad that I've never learned German.  But that's beside the point!  I want to show you some pictures of my AWESOME summer!

Summer began with Ashten's return from Cedar City.  Hooray!

Lots of laughs whenever I'm around my crawdad friend Jenna.  This is us before the Bruno Mars Concert!
You really should check out her blog:  http://mouthofthesouf.blogspot.com/

Always love a visit from Marci and fun in Midway!

Janessa invited me to volunteer at the Utah Valley Marathon.  GOOD JOB, GO RIGHT! We yelled for an hour.
Rock Climbing at the Slips!  Tristyn is always a good climbing buddy.

These are some of my students - I helped them prepare for the MCAT!   Here we are blowing off some steam in the mountains.

I've joined the Jon Burgoyne Band.  We've recorded some good stuff and played some fun gigs!  This is Steve putting together a track for Clawson's wedding.

Lots of family time, which is best spent at RSL games!  Go Real Salt Lake!

Andrew and Robyn got married and it was beautiful!  This is us, waiting for the Andrew & the Guys pictures, at the Salt Lake Temple.  Later that day, we ate at the Lion House and got drenched in the rain.

Setting up to play at the Oakridge Country Club.  Loved it, not to mention the free dinner!

Lots of hikes in the canyons.  Here we are at Dogwood Lake.  Thanks Ashten!

Clawson came out of his cave (planning his wedding) to do lots of boating.  We never have many pictures 'cause we're too busy having FUN!

Practicing for Clawson's wedding.  Lucky braved the hot weather in a sexy cardigan.  A slave to fashion, that boy is.  Never looks anything but sharp.

Bear Lake Boating Trip with my singles ward!  Holy smokes it was fun, and I met some amazing new friends!
Sommer, wunderbar Sommer.  I haven't left the state, but I tell you what - I've been finding out about all the fun close to home.  I wish it wouldn't end!


"When I was young, I invented an invisible friend named Mr. Ravioli.  My therapist said I don't need him anymore, so he just sits in the corner and reads."

"Even though I am an atheist, I still wear my yamaca, because it keeps my brain warm."

"Jurors are outstanding members of the community, who haven't murdered anybody."

"People often confuse me, but I try not to let them worry me."

For these quotes and its lovably quirky animation, I am quickly falling in love with the movie Mary and Max.  Netflix is slowly teaching me to love these esoteric movies.