There are some people I hope I never see again.  Not because I don't like them, but because if they see me... they're probably going to beat me up.


Canyon Climbing!

Gordon climbing in Provo Canyon

Getting my belay on!

Lauren learning her knots.

Alaina and I, storming Dogwood Crag.

Such great heights!

One of the tallest climbs my 60 m rope can handle.

Exploring the slips with Janessa and Co.

Coleslaw keeping me on the wall.

Look at the view!

There are SO MANY things to love about climbing:  the physical exercise, the outdoors, the friends (and how you trust them with your life!), the thrilling views, and the challenge, to name a few.  It's my goal to climb somewhere every single week of the summer, so if you want to get involved - come climb with me!!