As I stepped out of my apartment into the silence of the early morning, I felt the world holding its breath. Looking at the mountains, I saw clouds hanging low, like swollen udders ready to be rid of their cargo. The wind blew. I pretended I could breathe smoke into the frozen air.

An hour later, a snowflake fell, right on the sidewalk in front of me. I stopped. The first snowflake of the season. Reveling in the moment, I looked up to catch a snowflake on my tongue, but the huge one I was aiming for swerved at the last second and landed in my eye. Oh well.

I smiled anyways, and sang Christmas songs in my head. Then I played them on the piano for the prelude in my Doctrine and Covenants Class.

Life is good, and the holidays are even better. For me, this means a lot of family, spending time with friends, and delicious cheese. It also means costumes, little kids, good food, and hot chocolate. Some dislike the cold weather, but to me it just means red noses and sledding, evergreen trees and pretty lights.

Bring on winter!


Going to Bed. Early.

Last night I stayed up until 1 AM for the first time in a long while. This morning, when my phone alarm went off and roused me from delerium, I was convinced that if I actually attempted to get out of bed, I would only end up unconscious, half-dressed, face down on the bedroom floor, breathing in the dust bunnies underneath my mattress. And so, with superhuman effort, I reached all the way over to the nightstand and mashed the keys on my phone until it stopped ringing. Letting my giant poofy comforter consume me, I succumbed once again to slumber. Then, 2 hours later, I awoke naturally and decided this: I am going to live to see a whole lot more sunrises.

Sunsets are pretty but sunrises make you feel better, I think. So no more sleeping in, except on special occasions. I apologize in advance for all the parties which I will leave early - but I just can't miss out on my daily get-together with the rising sun at 7 AM, which is way cooler.


The Scootch.

Trying not to obstruct our view of Conference, and attempting to be inconspicuous on his way to the hot chocolate, Andrew regularly scootched across the floor like this today. I love being an uncle.

Andy is the greatest. :)


Craven Family Photo

I can barely remember the last time our whole family got together for a photo. Last Wednesday we did it again, and this is one of the photos. Busath Photography takes a classy photo, I think.
Left to right we've got: Bryce, Charlie (nobody calls him Chuck which I think is a shame), Kim, Darin, Andy, Mom & Dad, Em, Jess, me (on the floor), Rich, and Nat.