MCAT Scores Release Tomorrow!

The tentative score release date for the Tuesday, August 24 MCAT test date is tomorrow, September 28th, at 5PM ET.  My heart is leaping from my chest.

* By the way, I cannot give specifics about my score to the public because I have signed a contract with Altius promising not to.  Sorry.  I'll let you know how I did in generalities! *


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Recent Artwork

Well it was quite a crazy summer, but in my small bit of free time, I managed to read Three Cups of Tea, finish the Old Testament, and render this portrait of Starlee:

Starlee Holman 2010
(Sorry about the slightly awkward angle - I neglected to get anti-glare glass for the frame, so if you take the picture "head on,"  you see yourself in the glass.)

This is the first formal portrait I have attempted in a few years, and since her father happens to be an artistic director for the LDS Church, the pressure to do a good job was a little intense.  In the end, I'm really happy with it.  I had a lot of fun doing it, mostly because I chose the subject matter myself and there was no real deadline for its completion.  All in all, I consider it the finest wax pencil drawing I've done.

The final product was compiled from a few photographs, mainly in sepia tone.  I "cheated in" some additional color (reds and blues, mostly) to add some vibrance to the piece.  Isn't it lovely?