Kids Crew

I don't know if I have told you yet, but I am a volunteer on the Kid's Crew at Primary Children's Hospital. Like missionary work, it is hard to tell whether or not you are making a positive difference in people's lives; you just have the Spirit that makes you feel good and lets you know that God is happy with what you're doing. This little snippet is written about one of my fellow volunteers at the hospital:

"You woke up from your nap, and were in a great mood, so we went on a wagon ride around the hospital. There was a volunteer who was playing some music in the lobby. So we sat and listened to it. All of a sudden I felt so appreciative of that person. I thought about how he was taking time out of his busy day just to play music for us. That no one was really sitting and listening but us, but he still played. He didn’t get paid to do it, he just did it because he wanted to show his love and concern for complete strangers. Just when I think people can’t get any worse, there is someone there to show me that there is good in this world, and though they may not be as loud and in your face as the bad, there is just as much good. I felt a lot of peace, and just knew that something would work out. Money and all that come and go, and that no matter what happens in this world, we always have each other. I hope that I am being like that guy who is in the lobby playing music, and that the world is a little better because I am in it."

It's nice to know that we are, in a small way, making a difference. At least for this one person, we are keeping hope alive, and together we can look forward to a better tomorrow.



I take the MCAT in one month. Tomorrow I begin my one-month conquer-the-MCAT study plan. So... I apologize to my friends for never leaving my desk in the basement. I promise that in nine years I'll have plenty of time to play with you.



Nobody Trusts Little Brother.

Emily: Spencer where is mom? When will she be back?

Me: In Midway. Tomorrow morning.

[Emily dials into her phone]

Emily: Hey mom? *pause*
Where are you at?

Me: I just TOLD you!

Emily: You're in Midway? When are you coming home?

Me: I just TOOOLLLD YOU! Duhhhh.

Emily: Tomorrow morning? Well I was wondering...

blah blah blah nobody trusts the little brother.


MCAT Update

Well well well!

Altius Test Prep seems to be a rather amazing course. I'm just over halfway through the program right now, and I feel like it's been helping me along quite a bit. It costs about as much as a semester of tuition, but considering the inherent value of a good MCAT score, it's well worth the price - and to me, much more value per dollar than Kaplan.

And at the halfway mark, you take your first practice exam. Though I had seen much of the material before, it was good to take the test just to become familiar with the format. I was still nervous, and said a little prayer before taking it. Five and a half hours later, I emerged from the test with a whopping 41! Now, if I actually get a 41 (that's 99.7th percentile) on the MCAT, I will rejoice exceedingly, but I'm not getting my hopes up from the practice test. Today there was no pressure, and I'd seen a lot of the questions first - but now I know how it feels to approach the test with complete confidence that I'm going to rock it. And come test day (August 24th now!) I want to feel the same way.

I'm a little behind in my classes due to making birthday preparations for this girl (more to come on that), plus a deep inset need to commune with nature during the summer, but to be honest I am having fun getting ready for the MCAT! Some say that I am wasting my summer away in the library, but it doesn't feel that way to me.

More bulletins as events warrant!