Moving Home

Well, it's that time of year again - the time in between Spring and Fall in which I move home to live with my parents for a month or so.

My mom tickled me yesterday. I felt like I was five. And yet, when I live with my parents, that's not such a bad thing. Every summer I spend back with mom and pops could be my last one to live at home, and I treasure the opportunity. As the youngest child, I know only too well how quickly care-free toddlers become teens and how teens become grownups. I for one am not growed up yet.

Another bonus to school being done - family vacation. We leave for Lake Powell at 5:30 AM next Tuesday and we'll be there for the remainder of the week. I'm actually losing sleep over this I'm so excited! Of course, I'll tell you all about it when I get back.

Just looking at this picture makes me giddy. I can't wait!


Living the Dream.

Why I am smiling today:

- I have worked hard all semester long, and the day before finals, I am not stressed out. Rather, I'm happy to have learned what I have learned, and actually excited to take my tests tomorrow.

- I just listened to John Mayer's Room for Squares, my anthem album, all the way through last night as I drove back to Provo from the SLC airport. I took the long way home, and I sang every single word.

- Lake Powell is a week away. This is the family vacation that I look forward to every year. Skiing, exploring, jumping off cliffs, rock climbing, fishing, reading a good book, getting really really dirty, building sand castles, playing with my nephews, swimming, etc. And doing it all with my brother and sisters and parents who I love so so much.

- I got a job at a dentist's office again for the summer, and I get to shadow an endodontist and possibly an orthodontist as well. This is big for me: I want to be a dentist too.

- I'm moving back to Salt Lake tomorrow. Check out a previous post or to see exactly how I feel about that.


Andrew Smith Comes Clean.

This is why I love my roommates:

"You think I'm in the shower for thirty minutes every morning?
I flex in front of the mirror for twenty-seven."
- Andrew Smith