I Am Grateful for...

the freedom to ignore good advice.
old roommates.
bacon. and naps. but not at the same time.
the freedom to pick my nose even when you're looking.
fuzzy clothes.

All these things are great, but mostly I am grateful for my PARENTS, without whom I would be an unborn child and without whom I would never have survived elementary school, let alone college.

I am a lucky boy.


Oh Valentines!

Some Highlights of Valentines Past:

In 1987 I had just more than a month to scoot on into this lovely world.

In 1999 I won the Valentine's Box contest. It was a red styrofoam dragon that I stole from my mom.

In 2003 Melinda Schultz stole a kiss from me, then pulled away, licked her lips, and said "mmmm.... tasty." I almost barfed right on my parents' doorstep. Worst Valentine's Day ever.

2004, I really kissed a girl, nice and good, for my first time. It was my best Valentine's Day of my high school career.

In 2006 all I could think about was my upcoming and mission to Iowa...

... and 2007 and 2008 were devoid of any Valentines love (because of the mission);

2009 was just awkward,

and 2010 was superb. Sublime. Stupendous. Salubrious, even, thanks to Biaggi's. It had everything needed for a Valentine weekend.

beautiful dancing (thank you Swan Lake)
sumptuous dining (thank you triggerfish for sacrificing your life. you were delicious.)
spontaneous surprises (just short of a billion balloons crammed into my bedroom)

This year has reset the standard. Happy Valentine's Day!


i grew a mustache...

... but Starlee made me shave it! PLEASE comment your thoughts and vote on the poll above! This is very important to me.