A Craven Thanksgiving

1.  7th Annual Pie Night: friends, family, and undercover vegan bean pies.

2.  Impromptu Christmas jams with Steven and Co.

3.  Foregoing Black Friday shopping with an impulsive trip to Angel's Landing.

4.  Of course, lots and lots of family time!


Pixelmator: Headswapping, backgrounds, gloom effect, and more

I've been getting a lot better at photo editing.  Just wanted to show you some of what I've been working on for my mom's Tapestry website.

I'm most proud of this one, in which I swapped my mom's head.  The other stuff is fairly commonplace - removing background, smoothing skin tone, etc.

The group really liked this picture but as you can see it's a tad overexposed.  This was a lot of fun too because you can see that I removed the car on the left side of the picture.  I also think I did a fairly good job of fixing the exposure and the levels.  I got defeated by that lens glare in that lady's hair in the background... I'm still learning.

This stuff is a lot of fun, and I'm getting faster at it - learning all the shortcuts and such.  Recently, I've discovered that a lot of my photo edits are ending up on Facebook as profile pictures.  I wouldn't know, since I deleted my account months ago.
glad I saw this before I had a kid.