A Sabbatical

Guys, I really don't feel like blogging anymore.  I'll probably lapse into a long silence.  Not anybody (including myself) will really be broken up about it.  Just thought it would be the responsible thing to do, to warn you.  Happy Halloween!


More Graphic Design

Did I ever tell you that my mom is in a band?  Yep.  My mom is super cool.

She sings in a double-trio of women called "Tapestry," and recently they've decided to go modern and build a website.  They asked me to design a header for their site using the frilly bits I employed in my recent JBB graphic.  This is what I came up with:

 This is the my first design - this time around, I discovered some cool ways to make a drop shadow, which gives the frilly bits a nice 3-D effect.  The tutorials online have been a great help.

This is how I changed the image after some suggestions and requests from my mom.  I think it's so cool that she's in a band!  Go mom.


AMCAS, Med School, Primaries, Secondaries

Ran across this on a friend's blog and just had to share, because it makes me laugh out loud:

I am completing my last secondary application today, which is to Duke.  I am excited to be done!  It has been a long and rigorous process, which I probably made harder on myself by procrastinating.  Don't procrastinate your medical school applications!

In other news, the fall weather is BEAUTIFUL.  Each day I have set myself next to an open window and breathed the crisp autumn air, which is probably giving me a cold, so now I simply bask in the sunshine that filters through the windows.

Starting today, I will no longer need to (only) bask in the sunshine, for I will be out playing in it!  And while we're on the subject, the moon is quite full: perfect for some midnight adventures.  Go crazy, folks.


The World Needs This Video

I am a child at heart.  I salute these video makers!