The number of posts I've made.

I like counting things. And I am a list-maker. This is a silly thing, but these lists of silly things make me happy. For example:

1. inside jokes
2. nice things people have said to me
3. stuff i like about girls
4. stuff i don't like about girls
5. the phrase "i love you" in varying languages
6. pet peeves
7. good advice i've been given
8. guilty pleasures
9. significant days
10. my personal greatest accomplishments
11. things that i will never do again

So go out, buy a book, and keep track of some lists - it's addicting. And next time you run into me, ask to see my book - I think you'll like what you find in there.



I swear I used to only get them once a year.

My headaches are caused by stress. I never stress, thus I never get headaches.

Well, I am currently in the middle of headache #3, and it's only July.

Life: stop stressing me out. I mean it.

Thanks for reading: it means you care...

Now send me some cookies.


New Moon Preview (Harry Potter Premiere Continued)

I have to say, this was possibly my favorite part of the premiere. Girls can be crazy!

And this post comes with a disclaimer: I really do like girls. Hands down I think more about girls than anything else. I suspect this is true of all boys. However, girls under the influence of Twilight - that's a different story:

As the anticipation mounted for the opening scenes of Harry Potter, the previews began. Without warning, a screeching, frenzied hyena yell burst forth from all around me, threatening to deafen us unsuspecting moviegoers. Every girl in the theatre between 13 and 30 began hyperventilating in unison as the words "New Moon" and a topless werewolf-guy flashed across the screen:

At that moment in my life, girls were very unattractive to me. I hope you’re taking notes.

Wishing to be anywhere but in that theatre, I stomached the rest of the preview like I would my grandmother's home-made spinach dip, and in the ensuing silence - punctuated by maniacal girlish tittering - I smiled and shamelessly burst out, "HE'S NOT REAL!"

Bad move, Spencer. Should have thought ahead. The frightening similarity between girls and banshees deepened as groups of them yelled out in rabid, foaming fury, "HE'S BETTER THAN YOU!" and "HE'S WAY SEXIER!" etc. etc.

While all this is probably true, my mischevious outburst is no less correct than yours, my frenzied females. Here in the real world we are dreadfully vampire and werewolf free - and I’m afraid that your steamy sex icons simply do not exist in real life. Keep those swiftly beating hearts in check, my dears, and have the sense not to invite me to that movie.

Another mormon man with similar feelings has also posted his take on the subject of Twilight. He says it better than I do.


Harry Potter Fans, Be Jealous

Okay, so I love Harry Potter. So, naturally, when the latest movie, an adaptation of Book Six - Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince - was released nationwide in theatres, I was sure to be at the premiere.

Only, my Harry Potter experience was better than yours. One really nice thing about working for a dentist is that you automatically get hookups - one of my boss' friends up the street rented out an entire hallway of theatres, which showed Harry Potter at 6:40 PM on Tuesday, over 5 hours before the premiere.

So, while the rest of you waited in line all day long (and I would have too, if I were you), I walked right on into a private screening, compliments of Dr. Poulsen, and sat exactly where I wanted to. The thrill of teenage romance, the excitement of the struggle between good and evil, intrigue, double agents, murder, all mine just for the trouble of showing up, and I didn't even have to stay up late. Ha. Life is sweet.


Hold the phone! Or lose it, rather...

Want to take all those years you spent finding, nurturing, and developing friendships and throw them down the toilet?

Lose your phone.

Want to make sure you don't have a date this weekend?

Lose your phone.

Want to spend your nights uninterrupted as you read Harry Potter in preparation for the upcoming movie release?

Lose your phone.

Need to catch up on your blogs because you haven't posted in a while?

...You get the point.

I just want to say - I hate not having my phone. It's one of those things - not unlike getting hit by a bus or catching swine flu - that only happens to other people... until it happens to you.

Beware, folks, losing your phone is real, and it sucks more than you think.


Lake Powell!

I love Lake Powell!! Every year our family goes together and it's always an amazing trip. This year was even better than most - my entire family went with us, and I brought my buddy Spencer Clawson, a.k.a. Coleslaw, to accompany me on the adventure.I bought a wifebeater specifically for the occasion. Why not?

Andy's first time trying to ski. He talked about nothing but Star Wars the entire trip, so Em convinced him to try skiing by saying it was "just like podracing."

Note the wild look in his eyes.

Bryce sporting his sweet new hairstyle.

Coleslaw and I hanging out at the campfire - after the rest of the family left, Rich and I did a coal walk on the embers. For some reason he got burned and I didn't, haha.

My little nephew Charlie -Chacha for short- loved pretending to be his uncle Rich. He was super happy the entire trip... must be those Craven genes.

Whenever Em is out on the water, she's smiling ridiculously huge, and hucking sick tricks.

That right, Rich is surfing. His poor wife was sick the entire vacation.

Shredding the gnar.

Family bonding time.

The little boys swimming with their uncles. Charlie (on right) loved the water. Andy... not so much.

Rich taught me some sick-awesome wakeboarding flips. I actually landed this one... just kidding

The whole crew, my family is so awesome!
(Notice Andy's pose - he is Plokoon from Star Wars Episode 1.)
Props to Clawson for taking the pic.

Awesome things about this vacation:
- my entire family came
- we slept outside every night, even when it rained
- walked barefoot on burning embers
- learned how to do a back roll (haven't really landed it yet though)
- learned to surf
- became Mace Windu, compliments of Andrew Wilson
- almost died in a crazy afternoon storm
- survived despite a leaky boat, busted leaf spring on the trailer, and blistering heat
- had smooth water all day, every day
and best of all - I didn't even get sunburned!

Why I Love Being a Musician

My sister Em showed me this video on YouTube. It stirred something within me, so I'm sharing it with you.

Isn't it wonderful? I love John Schmidt, and Steven Sharp Nelson (the cellist) played at my sister's wedding. He's very good.