Last Semester of Undergrad

You know you're working hard in school when the stars are still out as you're walking to your first class.

You know you're working harder when you're walking home and the stars are out again.

You also know you're working hard in school when your professor says "Turn to the table on page 53.  We don't have time to go over this so I want you to memorize it for next class."  Everybody sighs a little sadly when they realize he's actually not joking, then turn the page so as not to fall behind.

Lastly, you know you're working hard in school when you don't even get ONE DAY of Spring Break!

This is Spencer's Winter 2011 Semester.  When do I have time to do my homework?  When do I have time to take exams?  I have no idea.

But people have done it before, so I'll figure out how!


Just So You Know

I'm fully aware that I have been a very VERY crappy blog poster recently.  These might be considered the DARK AGES of my blog.  Pop Quiz:  What followed the Dark Ages?

a)  The Pitch Black Ages  (which we have no history of because nobody could see well enough to write)
b)  The Classical Era  (and thus my blog will soon become quite classy)
c)  The Mesozoic Era  (because you have not even an inkling of history
d)  The Renaissance (a rebirth of awesomeness!)
e)  The Modern Era  (obviously, since it came AFTER the Dark Ages)

Okay okay okay.  I'm sure you all know the answer.  (But if you got it wrong, leave a comment so I can publicly shame you)

What I'm trying to say is, my blog used to be really really awesome, and it will soon be really really awesome again.  But I don't have a camera, see, and so I don't have great motivation to do great posts because I cannot supplement my blog with sweet pictuers.

I am buying a camera soon (as in, within the next 6 months), and then, we will witness the RENAISSANCE of my blog!



No more drama please and thank you.



Happy New Year!!