I Want One.

Props to Lauren for telling me about these. I'm probably buying one right after I buy a house and a piano.

I Miss The Days. A New List:

1. When I could scrape my knees and cry about it for as long as I wanted.

2. When mom "kissed it better" and it really worked.

3. When my biggest disappointment was when the sprinklers washed my chalk away.

- The {general grevious} face -

4. When having a sleepover was a really big deal, and we would stay up all night talking about girls but never actually talk to them.

5. When bravery meant walking to school all by yourself.

6. When getting grounded for five minutes was utter misery.

7. When waiting for Christmas morning made you hyperventilate.

8. When you would kink the garden hose to make it spray your buddy in the face, who was drinking from it. {Also, jumping on the trampoline with the sprinkler/hose underneath it.}

9. When everybody called me "Boo" or "Speen the Bean" and I ran the fastest out of everybody in my grade.

10. When smoking meant burning ants with a magnifying glass. Everybody did it.


Road Trip!

I am on my way down to Oceanside California. No time to blog. I am missing precious rays of milky golden sun.


Swing and a Miss!!

In this video, Emily is both adorable and hilarious.

(Her golfing skill is typical of the Craven family)