Guess Which Movie?!

I love old movies. And this one is hilarious.

Howard: What am I gonna tell Eunice?
Judy: That's the easy part. You go up to her room. She answers the door; now she will have been crying so her eyes will be all bloodshot and her nose will be all red and runny, but you look past all that. You stare purposefully into those red-rimmed, swollen eyes, and you say, "Eunice, my dear, there's been a terrible mistake. I've behaved like a cad, a bounder! But now I see everything clearly and I've decided that Judy and I are gonna put you into a home."

Judy: Has anyone ever told you that you are very, very sexy?
Hugh: Well, actually no.
Judy: They never will.


Starlee Holman said...

The movie is ‘Whats up Doc?’, but I feel as though I’ve cheated because I haven’t ever seen the movie, nor would I have known about it unless you had just been talking about it. But I’m still pretty happy that I won! :)

Taylor said...

What's Up Doc all the way! I love that movie!