Boys Will Be Boys

the boys.
{this post is a doozy - if you don't read it, I don't blame you}

Boys will be boys. How true that is. Last night, I got together with a bunch of my high school buddies and caught back up on life. We talked about our jobs, how school is going, girls, what we're going to do with our lives, quoted movies, cracked jokes, made fun of our roommates, and everything else you could imagine. I laughed harder than I've laughed in a long time. So boys, thanks for being my brothers.

Most of my boys played 70s and 80s music with me in the Groove Train. I miss this a lot! I feel like this is a sweet part of our friendships that few people get to enjoy.

Will - always classy, always steezy, he has sick style and is never afraid to speak his mind - and when he does, he's pretty persuasive. When you need somebody to speak your case, Will is a good bet.
I can't tell you how many countless hours I've spent jamming with Steve. We continue our escapades in our life of singledom together, and he makes a good wingman with solid advice and sound logic. Plus he's got some sick talent on the bass, guitar, and piano.

Marcus - he's married now, proving he's got it together a little better than the rest of us. Adamantly a Utah fan, Marcus was a good sport when he lived with 5 BYU fans every day. He's always been the most hilarious friend I've had.

Gordy - you're the man. Right now you're probably back in our shared bedroom, sleeping away peacefully, but in an hour you'll be awake and running full-speed until you pass out again. I've never known anybody who works and plays so hard. Plus, Gordy is easily the most dependable friend I've got.

I met Dave in high school and we sluffed calculus to make grilled cheese sandwiches at my house. And we talked about how gay people must be crazy because girls are so HOT! Fast friends ever since high school, I feel lucky our paths have been so parallel. From making a video for prom, to BNL, to the LGN diet, we've had some seriously good times over the years.

Coleslaw. Arguably my manliest friend. You've owned a truck forever. I never appreciate how freaking cool you are until you decide to come back and visit us from Cedar. When you're with Coleslaw, it doesn't matter what you're doing, you're having a good time; Whether we're tearing up the slalom up at East Canyon or just blowing time playing video games, we're having fun.

Adam is the best wingman I've ever had, and he's always had solid advice as well. I've looked up to him ever since he was my Zone Leader in the IDMM - I've never known anybody who has worked harder and slept less so that the people he loves can be happy. He's always been able to make things happen and take care of his friends and family. A true friend.

Andrew. I miss this guy. He got married and then dropped off the face of the planet - I've barely seen him since the Superbowl. Andrew is always thinking about his friends and making sure they're doing okay; When he asks you how you're doing, you know he means it. Add to that his mad guitar and singing skills, love of literature, sharp wit and casual attitude, and you've got an indispensable friend.

A-Ham - the guy with the dope aviators on. What a stud. We've been friends for as long as I can remember, and lived one house away from each other all our lives. Aaron is usually the first guy I call when I visit or move home. Of all my friends, Aaron is closest to being a brother.


Amy said...

I just want you to know that I love reading your posts.

Brittany said...

gosh, i just love friends! spence thanks for reminding me to think of my own lovely people.

A n D said...

Craven. LOVE IT. I love you guys like brothers! Seriously. Love the post about Dave too haha. Dave looks up to you tons and loves being your friend. Thanks for taking care of him, especially when I'm off on art education adventures. I'm so grateful Dave has such awesome, respectful friends.

A n D said...

Crave, this is Dave, the part owner of your SOUL! I just wanted to say that I take pride in being your non-spouse soulmate. I'm pretty sure that in the Celestial Kingdom our houses will be right next to each other.