Into the Eye of the Storm

{i'm the itty bitty plane}

My current school schedule looks like I am here at the Y just to play. Except for 3 serious classes, I am taking volleyball, springboard diving, basic vocal skills, and Beatles guitar instruction. Ha. Don't pretend you aren't jealous. It really is the funnest semester schedule I've ever had... except tomorrow I begin my tutoring with Altius. So on top of the funnest semester schedule I'll ever have, I'm going to stack my preparation for the biggest, hairiest, craziest test I'll ever have to worry about in my young adult life:

the MCAT.

Ladies and gentlemen, I am heading into the eye of the storm. Armed with nothing but my wits, a #2 Ticonderoga, a whiteboard and a sharpie, I will take an 8 hour multiple choice test in May that will largely determine my entire future. So wish me luck: I'm about to kiss my free time goodbye, and say hello to the textbooks.

{comma, space, frowny-face.}

To be honest though, I am exhilarated. This is a very big leap for me. I love to learn - and taking the MCAT will be the biggest academic challenge I've ever come up against. And on the other side of this test lies a wealth of knowledge I've been dying to learn my whole life: the mysteries of the infinitely complex human body, and how to help it fix itself. It was crafted in the likeness of the Creator Himself, for goodness sake!

{believe it or not, this is quite beautiful to me. this is what you're made of!}

So anyways, friends, when you want to hang out, but I have to study - remember that I'm dreaming of curing cancer, and don't feel bad for me.


Brittany said...

spencer...you will rock this test. mainly because you rock everything. i wish you all the luck in the world and i'll try not to miss you too much.

YRcowboy said...

Crave baby; we all know you are a genius so make is proud!

Anonymous said...
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BFC said...

Bro! I saw this incredible talk and thought you'd appreciate it.

Check this out: