a bitty blog post

These days, I feel I'd rather be experiencing life than blogging about it, so I've been lax in sharing much with you recently. Don't take it personal, it's just hard to blog when spring is in swing. Thus, I have listed some of the joyful distractions that excuse my absence from blogging. I recommend you enjoy some of these too:

warm weather
green grass
scripture reading with friends

holding hands

bare toes
people watching
water falls

self-help books

I thought I also mention parenthetically that four years ago today, I entered the Missionary Training Center. Sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ changed my life forever. If you are looking for answers to questions of the soul, I suggest you start here. More on this on May 24th.


A n D said...

SO TRUE! You've gotta fill us in on all of this "holding hands" distraction action that is going on :) Love your post. Always do.

Brittany said...

this fills me with so much love of summer. spencer craven, how i miss you!

Ashten said...

Spence! I thought this was the most appropriate one for me to comment on :) I love the MTC! And spring, nature, etc. Despite that it is still in fact a blog, it's a well designed one. I think you're great!